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Community Outreach and Development (Community Development Corporation Community Outreach) is a nonprofit organization established in the year 2000 whose mission is developing and implementing programs to better the quality of life for families and individuals. Our vision is to provide quality

services that enable  persons to become self-sufficient and

productive members of the community. Our main service

areas are outlined in this brochure: Community Services

and Economic Development.


The programs implemented are focused on nurturing

self-empowerment, which we believe creates a better

quality of life for those persons who contact us.  Each year,

we serve more than 6,500 individuals, with  everything

from food and clothing to financial assistance and

workforce development resources.


We recognize that alone we are unable to address the many needs of our community; because of this, we have initiated many partnerships with law enforcement, educators, the   business community, the faith  community, and the agencies and organizations that share our  mission.. It is through these partnerships that we have been able to accomplish many of our  successes.

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