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The renovation to the Green Hill Plaza and the development of the Community Nonprofit Network (CNN) and “Labor of Love Human Services Center” offices is to better connect  persons to available resources.


The CNN is a collaborative of non-profit organizations that are housed in one building to provide a one-stop-shop of community and social resources, ranging from workforce development, emergency assistance, counseling, and community reintegration programs.


CNN and Labor of Love Human Services  Center are Phase I of the Green Hill Plaza Revitalization, an underutilized shopping center of which Community Outreach manages and has site control.


Future plans are to complete Phase II renovations of the Shopping  Center, which  includes The Labor of Love Learning Center. The Learning Center will provide educational programming for infants and toddlers, and  before and after-school care for children up to the age of 12 in Capitol Heights and Washington, DC (Ward 7).

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