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Community Outreach and Development Community Development Corporation (Community Outreach and Development CDC) was founded by the late Apostle Ralph E. Green and Senior Pastor Shirley Green of Free Gospel Church. Since 1962, they have been seen as strong community and faith leaders in Prince George’s County.  In 1985 they purchased the adjacent Green Hill Plaza shopping center that helped with the church’s economic development initiatives of assisting small business owners and providing employment in the area. Community Outreach and Development was formed in 2000 to continue building the outreach and service focus of the church. Much of this was spearheaded by Apostle Green. He cared much for the community. He could be seen on a weekly basis walking up and down Marlboro Pike, starting conversations with folks standing on the street corners, or praying for people in need. A former boxer, he was known in the community for his “hard hits,” which were physical in the boxing ring, but “spiritual hits” in the pulpit that compelled people to live for God. His heart was for people to live victorious lives.

                                                                                                                                       Unfortunately, in 1997 he became ill, and as a result, many of the initiatives and community outreach activities that were occurring stopped. Green Hill Plaza became an abandoned and blighted shopping center that was an eyesore to the community and a financial burden for the church. In 2007, Apostle and Senior Pastor Green knew there was a need to bring in others to assist them. From there, the nonprofit was revived, with a sense of renewal and passion for fulfilling Apostle Green’s vision. Today, Green Hill Plaza serves as a service center for those in need of basic necessities, and providing employment opportunities for years to come. The partnerships that have been established is a testament to the example set forth by the Apostle to be a catalyst for change and to know that “all things work together for the good of them that love God.” What was once seen as dead is now alive! 

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